The changing trends in choosing a life partner

Technology has changed the way we look at a lot of things, including marriage, and we need to move with the times. Yet, a number of us go by stars, horoscopes, profile of the boy or girl and the educational qualification. These parameters are time-tested, therefore good to go with. Some people would like to inquire about the family background etc, and there is no harm in that. Tradition and the modern will always co-exist. I am told that a number of boys are still opting for arranged marriages, but they want to talk to the girl a few times before making up their minds. Many prospective couples take the Skype-route to matrimony which is a very good thing. Such interactions will help showcase the confidence level of both the boy and the girl, and parents should not frown upon such methods of getting to know one another. Some parents may want their child to marry into money, but a man or woman’s happiness is far more important.

In choosing a partner, choose someone who will let you be comfortable in your own milieu.

In the past, people looked only at family background and how good looking a girl was. Today’s generation does not give that much importance to looks. They look at other things like education, social skills etc. Girls today are career oriented. They also want to explore working in unusual fields such as social service. Girls want to be financially independent, and boys have to deal with that aspect also.

Parents on the other hand want to get the best alliance for their son/ daughter. Finally, it all comes down to the state of mind of the prospective groom/ bride and other people should not be forceful and try to thrust their own view point. In my opinion, girls and boys should also be forthright and ensure that their latest pictures are uploaded on websites. Some parents post four and five year old pictures, which is a bit unfair. Such practices can only lead to disappointments all too soon.

It is a fact that it is a woman who makes or breaks a home. However, today’s woman wants to be financially independent. I feel if both the boy and the girl intrinsically respect each other’s careers, then everyone else will. However, there should be a certain amount of give and take, since a person’s career can take them to any other city, and one should be practical in dealing with career shifts or relocation to another city caused by one person’s job constraints.

A girl’s career choice is as important as a man’s and due acknowledgement of the same should come from all members of the family on both sides. Let’s get progressive in a positive way.